Commercial Construction

Nu Quality Commercial Construction OBX

Smith Contracting recently completed the construction of the Nu Quality restaurant in Southern Shores. We also have experience up-fitting medical, dental and professional buildings and can put a fresh design on an existing building or repurpose a vacant business site that has a great location but a tired exterior and worn interior.

Upfit:  “Fitting” an existing space or a newly acquired space to accommodate a tenant’s specific needs.  As customers change, technology advances, and requirements for safety and building codes challenge your commercial location, let us upfit your business site!

Here are some photos of Smith Contracting’s commercial projects in Elizabeth City and the Outer Banks.  We bring not only a pre-construction feasibility study to assist in your decision making before you begin, but also building team coordination, product knowledge, logistics management, budget planning and quality craftsmanship…we will bring your vision to reality!

Click below to view some of our commercial portfolio items.

Featured Commercial Portfolios